Storm Static Sleep

A Pathway Through Post-Rock

Storm Static Sleep: A Pathway Through Post-Rock is the first publication dedicated to the story of post-rock music.

As grunge and britpop ruled the airwaves in the early 90s, post-rock was a vital jolt of innovation for a world sleepwalking back towards rock tradition.

Now, more than twenty years on, post-rock’s mark on the cultural landscape is significant. Dedicated post-rock festivals exist across the globe and the music is commonplace in film and advertisement soundtracks. Meanwhile, the listenership has bloomed into an international community whose devotion borders on the obsessive. Despite its rise to mainstream cultural prominence, the significance of post-rock remains a subject of some controversy, with the label itself often abused as a journalistic cliche and regularly loathed by the artists tagged with it. To date there is no comprehensive account of post-rock history in either print or online.

Storm Static Sleep sets the record straight.

It unpicks the meaning of post-rock, tunnelling back to its origins to interrogate the journalists who championed it and the bands who renounced it. Featuring over 30 first-hand interviews with some of the most prominent names in post-rock – including members of Mogwai, Tortoise, Mono, Isis, Slint, God Is An Astronaut and producer Steve Albini – Storm Static Sleep follows one of music’s most nomadic terms through every stage of its transformation.

Storm Static Sleep: A Pathway Through Post-Rock

Out November 30th 2015!